Sunday 26 April 2009

Going Cuckoo

They're back...

So now, in addition to a dawn chorus of pretty but slightly tedious Blackbirds and the incessant chattering of Chaffinches and assorted members of the Tit family, we have the 'song' of the Cuckoo to delight us every morning for the next couple of months. (And dawn starts around 5.00am these days...)

Oh joy!

Still - better this than the constant roar of traffic on a congested  motorway!

Friday 24 April 2009

Busy days!

Apologies for the lack of posts here recently - we are finding there are not quite enough hours in the day to fit everything in just now!

Our winter tenants have left Rowan Cottage, and we have had our planned new carpets fitted, which meant all the furniture had to be moved - including Sue's iron framed piano... I have also done a number of small jobs there, so all is now ready for the first holidaymakers who arrive tomorrow.

The newly restored picnic bench on the patio at Rowan Cottage.

Here at the Barn, we have barely had a day off this month - we seem to be getting people in 'off the road' on the occasions when we do not have prior bookings. Having the garden full of daffodils has certainly made the place look attractive - and we've had some lovely spring weather here too.

Daffs at the Barn

We are planning another trip to Inverness next week to get a few things we need to get Aird View up and ready for the new season - our winter tenant there leaves in a few days.

It's all 'go'!

Saturday 11 April 2009

Friends visiting

We have known John and his wife Julie for many years (in fact, John and I first met about about 55 years ago....) They have just returned to their home in Essex after spending nearly a week with us at the Barn. They enjoyed their visit - John's first time in the Highlands - and are already talking about 'next time'.

John and Julie at The Storr

Friday 3 April 2009

One Year On...

It is now twelve months since I hung up my briefcase. I've not set foot in a school since - and haven't worn a tie for twelve months either!!

Do I have any regrets, or pangs of longing to get back behind my desk?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! 

(Take that as a 'no')!!

Being retired, and living here on Skye is much, MUCH more wonderful than either of us ever imagined it would be. Only today Sue said to me that it still feels like we are on permanent holiday. There can be very few places on earth as beautiful as this, and the peaceful, relaxed lifestyle suits us very well indeed.

Roskhill Barn International

Our visitor season has started early here - we had visitors for 12 days in February, and most of March.

So far this year, we have welcomed guests from England, Scotland, Italy, France, The Netherlands and Japan.....

Maybe I need to send Sue on some language courses!