Tuesday 16 March 2010


I've probably mentioned before that we have two ponds in the garden at the Barn. I replaced the liner in one of them last year. It very quickly 'naturalised' and in the spring it was full of croaking frogs which meant it was full of wriggling tadpoles in the summer. Here it is now, and it is full of croaking frogs again as I write -

The other pond leaked badly, and was more of a bog than a pond, even in the winter. Sadly, any tadpoles which were hatched in the bog, died as it dried out in the summer. So yesterday, I made the effort to dig out the bog and have laid a new liner. We now wait for some rain to turn it into a pond, and nature to make it look pretty!

Saturday 6 March 2010

Hear the silence

When you have read this, go outside, close your eyes and listen.

You will probably hear cars and buses in your own street, the distant motorway, an aeroplane, people shouting, someone's radio or TV, and maybe more...

Here on Skye, I sometimes strain to hear anything. In most places, there will be a rush or trickle of a burn, and just now, the birds are getting excited because spring is just round the corner, but on a calm day, there's nothing else. No sound at all.

Just silence.

A silence so complete that you have to hold your breath because your own breathing is too loud.

It's part of the magic of Skye.

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Seldom Seen Skye

We are often asked by our visitors, 'What should we see?'
I will often answer , 'Go anywhere, you won't be disappointed'.
There are so many lovely places on the island, and all our visitors leave having seen at least some of them. Discovering some of the most peaceful and magical places will generally involve some walking, and maybe the encountering of a hill or a bog... but do you think these were worth a bit of effort?

(By the way - these pictures were all taken February/March 2010 - and remember to click on any picture to see it full size).

Ben Aketil, summit trig point

Diubaig deserted settlement

Glen Drynoch - and the Black Cuillin

Glen Drynoch - and the Red Cuillin

Loch Ravag - frozen and stunning!