Monday 25 May 2009

.... More Wild Flowers

.... Sue here again after a long absence!   Yes I've still been taking the photographs but overlooked putting more here on our blog!   Here are some taken during one of my Roag walks a week or so ago when the sun was glorious and scenery even more stunning!  Below is a clump of campion - the first I've seen here on Skye!

.. and here below we have some marsh marigolds resplendant in the brilliant sunshine!

On the way back I stopped at the small bridge over the stream
running into Loch Bracadale and took in the view!

Still water reflects the clear blue sky on this warm May afternoon and ....

... finally Basil soaks up the sun in our garden afterwards!  Bless him!

Friday 22 May 2009

Wild flowers

We might get a later spring than in the south of the UK, but when it arrives, boy do things happen fast!

Just now, EVERYTHING is changing from 'winter brown' to 'summer green'. And there are ferns and wild flowers everywhere!

We still have primroses in flower, and the bluebells have been especially good this year. The rhododendrons are getting going in the woods too.

Here's a few pictures I took yesterday...

one of nature's spirals...!


spring green...

Isn't nature wonderful?!!

Friday 15 May 2009

Climbing mountains

I have never been one to follow the philosophy of trekking to the top of a mountain 'just because it's there', and have been happily content to keep my walking to lower levels - and coastal scenery around here is about as good as it gets....  

But recently, I have been drawn to seek out some of the remote hillsides - and sides lead to tops... and Wow! - the VIEWS....!

Loch Bracadale and the Cuillin from the summit of Beinn na Boineid. 

Roskhill Barn is in this picture - it's one of the little white dots on the left...! (...and Sue is planning to join me on some future climbs).

Tuesday 12 May 2009

Sue's Mum visits Skye

Sue's Mum and travelling companion and friend Mavis, spent most of last week with us at the Barn. They travelled up from Kent by car, breaking the journey three times on the way to extend their holiday and make the driving less tedious.

Unfortunately, our weather here was cold, wet and windy for most of the week, so Skye was not seen at its best! Sue searched out the nearby craft shops, galleries and museums to visit, and we managed a bit of touring by car, so at least everyone was kept busy!

Gill and Mavis at The Storr 
(Yes, that is a sprinkling of snow on the top...)

Mavis takes a photo over Rona and Raasay.

What a shame they didn't come a week later - it is absolutely glorious weather here this week!

Tuesday 5 May 2009


This sad sight greeted me after returning from walking Basil one evening last week -  Someone unknown had swiped my parked van with a large vehicle...

The following day, I went to the local garage to get an idea of the cost of repair. The garage owner suggested I should report the incident to the police, as the repair was likely to be expensive...

With expectations of little outcome, I phoned the local police station. To my surprise, about two hours later, two officers turned up to take a full statement from me. They also carefully examined my van and even attempted to obtain a sample of the paint left by the offending vehicle.

Pretty good service, I thought - at least they had shown an interest..

Imagine my surprise when the following day we get a phone message to say that the offending vehicle had been traced and the driver has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for consideration for prosecution...

I guess there'll be more to follow on this one! Meanwhile, I need to get the van fixed!