Sunday 25 September 2011

Mind the bog...


.....Too late.

Cupar is demonstrating the folly of stepping off the track through this particularly boggy section of recently felled forest. It is not an especially scenic place, but it gave us both a walk, and at least I kept my feet dry... Here's a couple of pictures of the track I walked on. (Incidentally, Cupar is visible in both the pictures - can you see him)?

Thursday 22 September 2011

New roof for the Barn

We had been warned a couple of years ago that the roof tiles on the Barn were close to the end of their useful life. Apparently they wear away gradually, and become brittle and porous. So, work is currently underway to replace the lot, and we are having maintenance free facias and guttering fitted too, as well as new Velux windows for the kitchen and bathroom. The work is being done by a local builder, but redecorating is my job of course. It will be next spring before I tackle that!

Friday 9 September 2011

Boots on again!

Sue was home all day, so could look after Cupar. The sun was shining (on and off), so remembering to find my spare camera battery, I grabbed at the opportunity to get my boots on and head off into one of the more remote parts of Skye. Ever since we have lived here, I have looked at our nearby mountains, thinking 'I must get up them one day' and I am now proud to announce that I made it to the top of this one yesterday... (The hill is Healabhal Mhòr, also known as MacLeod's Table North. Click on any picture in this blog to see it full size).
It's not an especially high hill - about 450 metres - and it's mostly grassy but there were some pretty steep sections, so the sense of achievement is immense. And of course, the views from the top make the effort of getting there even more worthwhile.

Having clambered down the steep bits (which is harder on the knees than the climb up...) there's just the squelch back home over the moor. (That's Dunvegan in the distance).