Friday 22 February 2013


I mentioned snowdrops in my last post, and as the sunshine continued to bless us with blue skies yesterday, I took the chance to call in to St John's Chapel at Caroy (less than 2 miles from here at Roskhill) and grab a couple of photos. The chapel itself is a ruin, but there are a few recent burials in the churchyard. It is just one of very many peaceful, spiritual and magical places on this wonderful island

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Stunning Spring Weather

It really should still be winter - spring is barely noticeable yet - there are drifts of snowdrops in the old churchyards, but I haven't seen a daffodil in flower.

But we are having a spell of blue-sky days, and the sunshine is warm, though there are frosts at night. I've completed the task at Loch View to clear a couple of shrubs and level an area of ground ready for the placement of a picnic bench. This is the view from the bench-site...

There's an even more spectacular view from the foot of the drive...

Saturday 9 February 2013

Loch View - nearly there!

It's a good thing I have nearly finished the current refurbishment at Loch View - I have been neglecting all manner of tasks back at The Barn that I would normally have done by now. Most importantly, I haven't ordered my vegetable seeds yet, and am possibly not now going to get my first-choice seed potato varieties. I'll make veg seeds my next priority!

So - Loch View bathroom. How do you photograph a room that is only 6 feet square? I had intended taking a picture or two before putting the door back on, but  forgot... So here's the best I managed today. Sue will probably make a better job of photos when she gets over to Loch View next week.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Loch View's View

I'm still not quite ready to post any new photos of the interior of Loch View, but when I arrived there the other morning, the air was crisp and clear, there wasn't a breath of wind, and the water in Loch Harport was millpond-calm, rippled only by a boat making its way out to sea. I stood in the front garden and took these pictures. You will have to imagine the silence!

Unfortunately, the snow-covered Cuillin were cloaked in cloud...

Friday 1 February 2013

Just a quickie...

I'm getting nagged at because I haven't posted anything here for a while... Sorry! I am spending as much time as I can at our Loch View Cottage at the moment, with the target of having the refurbishment all finished by the end of January. Hmmm.... well, as you can see, I have missed that deadline. And the place looks too much like a building site for me to post any photos...!!

I'm hoping for an 'all done' date of mid-February now. I stuck the last tile on the bathroom wall yesterday, and tiled the floor today. So now I have all the bits which need to be screwed to the walls to attach (towel warmer, heater, shaver socket/light, mirror, loo roil holder, towel hooks...). Then there's the window to paint, and a few tweaks here and there, the floor tiles to grout, and the bathroom will be done. I'll start painting the hall tomorrow, and PROMISE I will get a photo or two of it all on here soon.