Thursday 9 March 2023


 As always all the seasons of the year are a surprise especially more recently
with the insidious formal creeping of global warming.
Mid January I was over in Strathpeffer, later joined my friend, Lesley.
Unfortunately our visit was untimely with the arrival of snow 
- and lots of it over a period of several days. 
Here are a few photographs to illustrate on what scale 'the white stuff' descended!!

Can you believe that we saw this Clematis flower on a cold frosty walk around 
Strrathpeffer Station the day before?
The following day it came down in earnest whilst over in Inverness on 16th;  it snowed for 6 hours!
Below is Lesley initially enjoying the novelty!!

The next day I was out and about with my phone 'capturing' special moments!
The photo below was actually taken from the kitchen window at The Bakery;
Brrrr, it makes me feel cold just looking at it!

Unfortunately our plans to travel back to Skye the following day faded fast
as the snow continued to fall!   
We were marooned there until 20th which was both frustrating but quite enjoyable.
As the snow continued to fall my phone and I became great friends... :)

Above is the view from the back door of 'The Old Bakery.'
The snow was c. 10/11" deep but the effect was really quite stunning!

A walk further down away from the village gave me this wonderful vision
of snow encrusted natural and man made surfaces.

Above the Strathpeffer shops with snow encrusted vehicles outside!
Amazingly most of the shops were still open too.....

A little later .. (actually about 1030 one evening) I took off again with my phone!
The village streetlights enabled me to 'capture' these temporarily snow drenched views....
How beautiful were the trees and hedges sparkling in their snow coatings -
courtesy of the old Victorian streetlights.  Really quite magical and SO quiet!

...... I was the only nutter going for a walk at that time of night
but it was certainly worth it despite the sub zero temperatures and my soggy, leaking shoes!!
Below, any Cromartie House residents just happening to look out of their windows
would have had a fabulous view of the snowy surroundings in the lamplight.

But perhaps my favourite photograph is this one below.
It was taken the following day and the view is simply a snow covered garden
seen over the top of an ornamental wrought iron gate.  A breathtaking view.......

Oh, the joys of Mother Nature and global warming eh?   :)
Back soon .....

Thursday 9 February 2023


My apologies this blog post has been a long time coming!
I just cannot believe where the months have gone and appreciate 
in the meantime that past readers might well be wondering
if this would ever get off the ground again!
Well it has and it's going to continue :) 
I believe that Richard would have wanted it to be so
-  as life on Skye continues for the lovely Cupar and myself!

It's been both a very difficult and anxious time but there have been 
some relaxing interludes with special friends as well as my lovely sister Helen.
She and I spent several days together back in the summer 
over at The Old Bakery in Strathpeffer.... 
Most days saw us out for a walk even if it was an amble down 
the beautiful streets in the village....

Above Big Sis with Cupar by the Pavilion.
Below a view of the village shops with the The Highland Hotel looming in the background!
This dates back to 1896 and was used during the First World War 
for wounded Servicemen.

.... and how could we NOT resist the temptations of a 
cream tea down at the Railway Cafe!
The tea and scones with homemade strawberry jam were just amazing!

We also had a stroll down towards the grounds of Castle Leod shown above.
This magnificent building has been the seat of Clan Mackenzie for 
the last 500 years and is definitely worth a visit!

Finally, below is a photograph looking towards Knockfarrel - 
a picturesque Iron Age Hill Fort close to the town of Dingwall.
Richard and I climbed up it twice;  
once back in 2006 whilst staying down the road at Rose Cottage 
about two miles away from Strathpeffer and then again c.2020 
accommpanied by our energetic pooch, Cupar!

There are magnificent views from the top I can assure you.
It's well worth the climb!   :)