Sunday 31 January 2010

The bigger picture...

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(Sue writes...)  Unlikely though it is, I thought I'd better make another entry on this blog before I forget how to do it!  Needless to say my absence here is no reflection on the lack of photography on my part;  my camera is my constant companion wherever I go....  Last weekend the weather was absolutely gorgeous with lots of sun and huge cloud formations - so I did the Harlosh Loop on the Saturday. Below is a view towards Caroy and Ose.  Just loved the clouds and the line of stunted windblown trees.

This shot below was was taken further along, - again looking across to Caroy, - as my jaunt took me closer to the end of the loop.  Some rusting farm machinery lies redundant in the foreground as a memory of agricultural days gone by!  

Along the route there were a number of windblown, stunted and lichen covered trees bearing witness to the more severe and stormy weather that often blights this island.  Below is some lichen at close quarters - really delicate and long fronds attractively dress the branches of its host.. and the barbed wire fence to the side of it!

.... I met a couple of friendly faces too! They looked most interested and happy basking in the mid winter sunshine.  It was glorious!

However, less than 48 hours later Jack Frost paid a visit.  This was the sight that greeted me when I stepped outside our front door to take Basil for his morning stroll.....  swirling mist and frost covered vegetation...

Yes, Mr. Frost certainly left his calling card that particular morning, brrrrrr ... but by midday the sun had stolen it and brightly shone again upon this spectacular landscape  :)

Sunday 24 January 2010

It's the little things...

...that make a difference!

Here's the cupboard and bookcase in the corner of our study. They are separate items, but we have stacked them to save space.

Ever since I have owned them - some 15 years - the spacing of the fixed shelves has irritated me. There wasn't enough height in any of the shelves to stand ring binders (or books of that size) on end.

So, at last, today I got out an assortment of tools, dismantled both pieces of furniture, and after a little bit of drilling and tweaking, was able to reassemble them with the shelves spaced as you see them now - two shelves spaced with enough height for ring binders, and a shorter shelf height on top for paperbacks. Perfect. The cupboard below, which only had one shelf, now has two. Even more perfect. The whole job took about two hours.

Now, why didn't I do this 15 years ago...??

Friday 22 January 2010

A visit to Rowan Cottage

Sadly, our winter tenant at Rowan Cottage was made redundant just before Christmas, and he has had to leave the island to seek work elsewehere.

This at least gave me the the opportunity to spend a few days there, during which time I have redecorated the kitchen and found a few other jobs to do. I had forgotten how nice it is to sit in the living room at Rowan in the evening with all the curtains drawn and a fire blazing in the stove. Maybe we'll get a few bookings from early spring visitors, who will get the opportunity to toast their toes, like I did!

Of course - I took a few photos while I was there. This is Loch na Caraidh from just up the road from Rowan.

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Another cottage!

No, we haven't won the lottery - this one doesn't belong to us, but I am looking after the enquiries and bookings on behalf of the owner.

This is Allt Beag Cottage, a two bedroom modern bungalow built on the croft of the owners, and just across the road from our own Rowan Cottage - so could make an ideal two-family 'double booking'. As with Rowan, the location is perfect for exploring Skye or the mainland, being just 11 miles from the Skye bridge. Allt Beag cottage is well equipped and would suit people who don't like washing up, as it has a dishwasher!

The Allt Beag website is at

Thursday 7 January 2010

The Barn - winter view

I  know - you've seen enough of snow pictures this week....

Well, sorry, but here's just a couple more - this week's view from the Barn.

Monday 4 January 2010

Snowed in?

We're not - yet, but you might be... It's a cold start to 2010!

We went south for Christmas - to Kent and Devon - and returned yesterday. We travelled in the van, and had trouble-free journeys both ways, and the snowy Scottish scenery was FANTASTIC! The weather forecasts aren't getting any more cheerful - there could be more snow on the way for us. 

So here's a cheerful bright summer picture of the three of us here taken by one of our visitors !