Friday 25 September 2009

Holiday high spots

Sue and I went for a little holiday to Perthshire last week.
She made me go for a few walks...

On The Cairnwell - our first Monroe, and probably not our last (though don't expect us to bag them all!!)

We went this way down - it's the steepest ski run at Glenshee Ski Centre. It was tricky without snow, and would be totally terrifying if slithering on skis!!!

It's that "I've made it" feeling - on the summit of Birnham Hill, Dunkeld.

The summit view...

This crag provides a wonderful viewpoint over Birnam and Dunkeld.

The descent from here was nearly 1000 feet in less than half a mile, which is at least as challenging as the two mile gentler climb to get here!

Another highlight of the holiday - only the second red squirrel I have ever seen in the wild - and I got a photo of this one!

Sunday 6 September 2009

Basil thinks he's had a hard day...

Sue is taking another trip down south this week, and of course her camera has gone with her, so photos from Helen and Sophie's visit to Skye will be a little while getting on here.