Tuesday 17 November 2020

Another Birthday Holiday

Over the last few years, Sue and I seem to have established a tradition of having a short holiday to coincide with our birthdays. My birthday is in mid-March, and Sue's in mid-November, so being away at that time of year is no problem cottage-wise, though of course, we have to be prepared for whatever the weather might throw at us.

For Sue's birthday last year, we explored the north-east corner of Scotland. This year, we simply headed north. We rented a very spacious holiday cottage near the village of Tongue. To get there, I had a long-held ambition to drive the teeny road from Altnaharra to Hope - a road so minor that is not even marked on some maps of the Highlands. I was not disappointed by the adventure, and the weather was very kind to us, not only being dry, but providing us with the most spectacular skies to enhance the hundreds of photographs we took. We now know that the north of Scotland is a VERY big and very empty place, and we had an absolutely brilliant few days in the wild and deserted natural landscape that is Sutherland.

Sue is promising that she will eventually post some of her holiday photos here, so for now, I will just include a very few of mine below...

The Hope Road - Ben Hope on the right

The ruined settlement of Sleteil

Loch Modsarie

Yet another photo opportunity...!