Friday 30 March 2012

Allotment news

While Sue is away down south, I'm not getting much time for 'me' things, but I have managed to get nearly all the beds prepared for planting now.

I have also sorted out the Jerusalem Artichokes, so they should be a fairly neat row when they come up, and I have moved the sole surviving rhubarb plant from the shady end of the allotment, to a much sunnier spot, in the hope that it will grow better there. We shall see.!

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Dark Skye Sky

You may not be aware, but a group lead by the Edinburgh Royal Observatory is promoting Dark Skye Scotland  -  Dark Sky places are areas or sites that have been officially recognised for their low levels of light pollution and good public access. The Dark Sky website is here

The Skye sky certainly looked truly amazing last night when I took Cupar for his pre-bedtime trot round the block. You can certainly see a lot of stars here when we have a cloudless night.

Parts of the Isle of Skye have become Dark Skye Discovery Sites, where regular stargazing  events are held, and here in a Forestry Commission car park near Rowan Cottage is the sign for one of them -

I'm not entirely certain that one really needs a signpost to point out the direction to look in order to see the sky, and of course, if it were truly dark, you wouldn't be able to see the signpost anyway... but I think it is a great new initiative, and something unusual to be able to recommend to our visitors for an evening out!

Friday 23 March 2012

Home alone

Sue pops off down to Kent every couple of months, to visit her Mum and catch up with friends. Most times, this is not a problem for me, as I am pretty good at coping on my own - though I admit I have to make sure I do a bit of tidying and cleaning before Sue returns....

However - this time - she has left me in charge of no fewer than four separate groups of visitors who have booked to stay here at The Barn.

AAArrrgh! Panic!!!!

Well, I'll do my best to get everything right, but I am better at mowing lawns and painting walls than I am at presenting breakfast...

One compensation - here is the sunset over the Red Cuillin photographed this evening as I returned to Dunvegan having dropped Sue off at Kyle of Lochalsh to catch her train south...

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Sue's Been Baking

Visitors who stay with us at Roskhill Barn's 'Bed and Breakfast With a Difference' always get to sample some of Sue's home baking...