Monday 20 November 2017

All Change At Roskhill

We have lived in Roskhill for nearly ten years now. When we came here, there were just three older dwellings and three newer ones in our locality. In the time we have been here, a further two houses have been built and a third is currently under construction. There are also plans to convert a small disused agricultural building nearby into a holiday chalet.

I’ve written about this before - there are many places on Skye where a steady creep of new development is taking place. We have largely just shrugged our shoulders and thought that this is just the way things are these days. But having recently driven the length of the UK to visit friends and family in the south of England, I became aware that there ARE places which don’t change much. For example - no new building has happened for many years close to my sister’s home on the edge of their rural Devon village.

But there’s nothing more we can do about the situation here. We are so very glad that we took the opportunity when it arose, to buy the acre or so of land immediately in front of our home, so our view over our field to the sea, cliffs and distant hills will never change.

Just about all the land in this picture (left of the fence) belongs to the Barn
The Barn is the building right of centre
The Barn view - over our field
On a more personal level – we have also been affected recently by a change of ownership of properties in Roskhill. Two properties have changed hands in the past month, and the new house will be occupied soon - so we have some new people to meet. Incidentally - we are now the second-longest-staying residents in the settlement, which is an interesting indicator of the transient nature of residence on Skye.