Saturday 16 November 2013

So Lucky To Live On Skye

A recent visitor left a note in our visitor's book which began: 'You are so lucky to be living on Skye'. I understand the sentiment, and we have heard the same thing said many times before. In fact, our life on Skye did not happen by luck, or any kind of good fortune. We planned our move to here, and are here because we chose to come here to operate our little holiday cottage business. If there is any luck involved, it is that the business is successful, though even that is more down to determination, hard work and Sue's good business sense than to any random chance.

Sadly, there are many people on Skye who don't feel lucky to be here at all. They loathe the dark, wet, cold, windy long nights of winter.  They long to be nearer the bright lights, shops, pubs, cafes and entertainment that the 'lucky' people living in the south enjoy. They wish to exchange the calming spiritual essence and feelings of well being that Skye endows on its residents (and many visitors) for the thrill of being part of the rush and excitement of life in towns and cities. The Skye beauties of nature and landscape pass them by unnoticed. I don't blame them. Maybe if I hadn't spent the greater part of my life living in the bustling, crowded south of England, I too would be yearning to get away from this little piece of Heaven on Earth and get some city smoke in my lungs.

But even after living here just a few short years, Skye feels very much like home now to Sue and I. As I drove back north into the Scottish Highlands from my recent visit to friends and family in England, a grin gradually spread across my face. I was coming home again. It was a brave decision that we made when we decided to move here, but definitely a good decision. Maybe even a lucky one...!