Sunday 28 December 2014

Winter sunshine

The Christmas holidays have brought a temporary halt to work at the Barn, so there is no news to report from there. With Sue away in Kent visiting her Mum, I am getting to do all the dog walking. Ice on the local roads has made walking on them something of a challenge, so this lunchtime, I pulled on my boots and headed up the hill behind Summer Cottage.  The soggy moorland wasn't as frozen as I had expected, so we didn't go far, but we made it to the summit of the nearest low hill, which is topped by a trig point, and affords some great all-round views...

There's just a dusting of snow on MacLeod's Tables
The distant scattering of buildings just right of centre is Roskhill -
the Barn is left of the trees
Looking over Roag and Loch Bracadale towards the Cuillin

Saturday 13 December 2014

Barn Latest - Some Progress in Spite of Adversity!

Our sturdy chaps have continued to work this week, in spite of gales, snow and power cuts. The garage walls grow ever higher, and there is plumbing and electric cable in there now. The worst of the weather drove the chaps inside, where they have removed much of the ground floor wall where the stairs will go, after fitting a lintel so the wall above won't collapse!

The garage - coming along
A lintel supports the upper wall.
There's just some blockwork to be knocked though now.
The extension will be a timber-frame, made off-site.
This is inside of the wall pictured above.
The stairs will start here.