Friday 25 November 2011

Car change

After nearly nine years and over 139,000 miles of faithful service, our Jolly Green Giant Citroen C5 had reached the time when it just had to be replaced. Here it is with Sue on the last day it spent with us:

The replacement is a low-mileage and newish Vauxhall Corsa. We spent two days in Inverness trying loads of cars before settling on this one. The runners up were the Ford Fiesta and the Citroen C3. I would have preferred to buy a Citroen, but the latest model C3 hasn't been around for long, so most examples were well over our budget. The Corsa is rather a bland little car, but very pleasant to travel in, and to drive. It should be economical too, with its tiny 1248cc diesel engine. Cupar has already tested out his space in the boot, and seems very happy, and Sue is enjoying having a smaller car to use for her many trips around the island.

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Skye sky

No photos of Sue and John yet - they have been having a bit of a stressful time lately and are enjoying the peace and quiet of Roskhill while they get their rest and recuperation.

Today, we all enjoyed a brilliant display of sunlight patterns on the hills and moors. Here's the sky from Roskhill, early afternoon today: (as ever - click the picture to see it full-size)

Friday 4 November 2011

Sister Sue on Skye!

Today, we are delighted to welcome to the Barn my sister (also confusingly named Sue) and her husband John. They have taken a few days over the long journey up from their lovely home in Devon, and have managed to bring some sunshine with them. Hooray!! - today was the first properly sunny day we have had in weeks!!

There will be some photos to follow - I promise. (When Sue [wife] takes photos, they remain on her camera for weeks, so don't get posted here, so I will endeavour to take some pics myself...!!!)