Monday 27 March 2017

Skye Summer...???

Here on Skye, we take every opportunity to rejoice in wonderful weather. Let's be honest - we really don't get wonderful weather very often (unless you are in the very tiny minority of folk who rejoice in horizontal drizzle...)

The last few day's weather has been MY kind of wonderful. Calm winds, overnight light frosts, and daytime temperatures reaching 17C. The sky has been blue, streaked with thin high cloud, with lots of dots and dashes of slightly thicker cloud at lower levels. The sun has actually felt warm!

We haven't had much of a summer for the last three or four years, so we are 'fingers crossed' that the weather we are experiencing now will not be all we will get for 2017, but will be a pre-cursor of a proper Skye summer to come...

Evening sky - Roskhill - 27 March 2017

Sunday 12 March 2017

Trips South

Almost all ‘incomers’ to Skye will have friends and family somewhere else in the UK or in the world. As Skye is a long way from everywhere, it can be a bit of a trek to keep in touch with everyone. But for us, it is an important part of our life here. I know I’ve mentioned before that, three or four times a year, Sue and I both make trips to the south of England to visit family and friends. These days, Sue takes the train, while I prefer to drive. I bought my fabulous Jaguar XK with the specific thought that it would be the ideal car for my regular long road trips.

Puss just above Glencoe.
The main road was clear of snow.
I am just recently returned from one of the most enjoyable visits south that I can recall. The weather and the traffic were on my side. I encountered a bit of snow on the way down, but the roads were OK. I didn’t meet a hold-up anywhere in 1,700 miles of driving. Puss, my Jaguar, is indeed purrfect for the journey, and the miles flash by. On my way back, for my overnight stop, I enjoyed one of the best B&Bs I have ever encountered. I’ve already booked to stay there again in June, when Sue and I will have a three-night mini-holiday there.

Big  comfy bedrooms at
Wallamhill House B&B, Kirkton near Dumfries
View over the garden from front bedroom
Wallamhill B&B, Kirkton, near Dumfries.
Even better still, I was happy to catch up with my sister and brother-in-law, who are both turned 70, but remain fit and in good health. I was also delighted to meet again with my niece and nephew and their families, all of whom seem happy and enjoying life, with Jeremy, my niece’s husband, having some especially good news about a new role he is shortly to undertake in his work-life. Well done Jez!

During my trip, I was even able to meet up with a couple of Jaguar people and make a visit to the excellent Haynes Motor Museum near Yeovil.

Puss makes friends at Haynes Motor Museum
As for friends – my dear friend Val, in Torquay, does not always enjoy the greatest of health, but certainly looks better when we meet in person than she sounds on the phone – maybe I should visit her more often…? And I always have a great visit with Sara and Rod near Southampton. Rod will be fully retired next time I see them in July. You will love it, Rod – I promise!

Sara, Rod and Lucy-the-Pooch
Peninsula Barracks, Winchester
For Sue and me, being able to regularly travel south to visit our family and friends is very important to our happiness here. But be sure – having been south for a visit, as we travel back into the Highlands, and see the hills of home ahead, we know for certain that we did the right thing by making our new life on the Isle of Skye.