Saturday 19 February 2011

"TIMBER....!!! "

We have had no visitors at Aird View for several weeks now, so I visited the other day to check things over. With some dismay I found that the recent storm had brought down the old tree above the back garden. Part of the same tree came down about 5 years ago. This time, it is completely on its side. Trees in this state almost always carry on growing, but as it had spread itself across the lawn, some serious 'surgery' was required. What a good thing I had just bought myself a new chainsaw...!!!

Several hours and lots of hard work later.... 

I've left some large branches which by chance are pointing roughly upwards, so hopefully, the tree will regenerate itself and keep on growing for many years to come.

And finally, here's my little van ready to take some of the logs back to Roskhill where they will provide us with many cosy evenings by the stove in winter 2011.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Latest Cupar Picture

I still have to find the time to find out how to get a video on here, but in the meantime, here's a still photo of Coops looking just a bit special - (I must remember to take photos of things other than dogs...)

Friday 11 February 2011

Cupar the Collie

It's only just over a week since we brought the chap home. He has done brilliantly. Sue is training him to 'fetch' and drop his toy in her hand. Video to follow, I hope...

And I am trying to train him to relax (photo). Do you like the plant growing out of my head?

Thursday 3 February 2011

New resident at Roskhill Barn

Yesterday we made another trip to Inverness, and came home with a new addition to the population of Roskhill.

Meet Cupar the Collie...

He is probably less than 2 years old, and was found as a stray. Today, we have discovered what people mean when they say that Collies are good at training their owners, but we think we are just about on top so far, though we have had four walks today already..... (Sue did mutter something about me needing to lose an inch or two from my waistline).

Unfortunately, the weather here today is becoming ever more wet and stormy, so we are in for a bit of a blow when it comes to the late afternoon 'walkies' in a few minutes' time!

I'm sure Sue and I will be posting plenty more news and pictures soon.