Wednesday 23 February 2022

The Latest 200 XMF

I have just changed my car again. My 5 year old BMW X3 has been replaced by a nearly-new Volvo V90 - the Cross Country edition, with slightly raised suspension and permanent 4-wheel drive. This car has Volvo's B5 mild-hybrid diesel engine, producing about 40bhp more than the X3, and the electric boost adds a little more oomph when accelerating. So it is quicker, smoother and also quieter than the car I have replaced. Cupar seems to like the huge boot.

In keeping with what has become a tradition, the Volvo is now wearing my 200 XMF number plate. I think it is the now the eighth vehicle to bear this registration. The plate was originally assigned to a 1959 Peerless GT which I owned from about 1994 to 2003. When I sold the Peerless, it was to someone who planned to permanently export the car, so I asked the prospective new owner if he would be happy for me to keep the plate. (As it happened, the Peerless stayed in the UK, but that is a different story). So, the plate has been on all of my 'everyday' vehicles since that time.

The latest 200 XMF

Saturday 19 February 2022

DorrellPots Creaks Into Life

It's a start - a slow one, but a start. Since our garden room 'Potting Shed' became a viable workshop, I have gradually gathered together a collection of pottery making tools plus other odds and ends. The kiln is installed, and has had its initial (empty) firing, recommended for new kilns. I am still short of a few items, but have at last squished a bit of clay, and can now introduce you to Pot-The-Pig - the first clay item I have made in some 25 years.

Pot-The-Pig still awaits final fettling and a glaze of some kind.

But for now, mostly. I am still getting 'ready'. I have made a few (rather poor) plaster-of-paris moulds, with which I would hope to easily produce some plates and bowls. I clearly need to work more on my mould-making technique. I also need to find a bulk supplier of powdered plaster - it is expensive to buy in small quantities. I haven't bought any glazes yet, either...!

Here's the production corner of the worktop as it looks today. You can see I have also made a small model of Puss the Jaguar. I might tackle a larger and more accurate one at some time.

Pots and moulds

Looking busier!

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Potting Shed Latest - Kiln Installed!

 The Potting Shed is our garden room - to be used as a pottery studio, with lean-to greenhouse. The shed itself was built in the autumn, but due to assorted pandemic delays, the greenhouse was not delivered until about a fortnight ago,  and the kiln, essential for any pottery making, was also a long time coming.

However, I am delighted to report that although the greenhouse still awaits decent enough weather for its construction to be undertaken, I do now have a fully functioning kiln!

I had confirmed with the manufacturer that my kiln was ready, and as it happened, this coincided with my most recent trip south. I was driving the BMW X3 this time, so I had the space needed to actually collect the kiln myself. The heavy item was loaded into the car with the help of a fork lift truck and two strong young men. Getting it out again, and into place in the Potting Shed was a bit more of a challenge, but a very helpful neighbour and I spent an hour or so devising an arrangement of ramps and steps, and eventually, the deed was done.

Now all I need is to find the time to actually get out there and get potting...

Installed at last !