Sunday 21 April 2019

Easter Heatwave?

Happy Easter everyone!

Are you all enjoying the wall-to-wall sunshine and near-record-breaking temperatures as you sip your Pimms while the barbecue sizzles?

We're not...

As seems to happen all too often, about 90% of the UK basks in beautiful weather, while the very north western islands-edge of Scotland sits under a veil of cold, swirling, drizzly cloud.

We have had this for over two days now. It's been full waterproofs, scarf, hat and gloves for the dog-walks. The temperature has soared to the dizzy maximum of about 8C. We still have the central heating going. Just occasionally, the mist has lifted sufficiently so that we can actually see the sea - as in the photo above, taken this evening.

But... just as also seems to happen from time to time - you lot in the softie south will soon be getting wind, rain, hail and thunder when our weather becomes benign, and we relax into calming days of blue skies and the song of skylarks. Well - maybe...!

Ooh - and while I'm here, just to record - the cuckoos have returned here a couple of days ago.