Thursday 18 February 2010

Facebook and Twitter

I am tentatively launching pages for SkyeHolidays on both Facebook and Twitter. It is supposed to increase our business 'profile'. PLEASE become a 'follower'!

The Facebook page is

and on Twitter, we are

I'm very much a beginner on these sites, so if anyone has any hints or tips as to how to improve the pages, I'll be grateful to hear from you!

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Changing colours

Before moving to Skye, I had never been aware of how much the colours in the countryside change at different times of the year.

Why have I noticed this now? I'm not sure. Maybe it is because brown is such a predominant winter colour. There really is virtually no green here at all in the winter.

Here's three seasonal pictures - I must remember to photograph the same view in different times of the year... (I must remember.. I must remember... I must remember... I must rem...)




The fantastic transformation from brown to green in the spring is just another example of 'Skye Magic'.

Reminder - you can click on any image in the blog to view it full-size.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Visiting Rowan Cottage

I'm off to Rowan Cottage this morning. We had holidaymakers there for a few days last week, so there's a 'turn round' to do. It's quiet there for a few weeks before the summer season gets going in April. I will stay at Rowan overnight  to take the opportunity to take some photographs in an area I don't often have time to explore - Rowan is about 40 miles from Roskhill, so we mostly only go there to service the cottage. The landscape and scenery in the southern end of the island is surprisingly different to the north....

Loch Ainort and the Red Cuillin, January 2010

Saturday 6 February 2010


Sue back here again!  Two blog entries in just about a week - that HAS to be a record for me!
Yes, Mr. Frost has been with us once more. Last Tuesday morning it was evident that his freezing fingers had touched Skye during the early hours as everything was covered in an icy, white, thin layer.  It made for some interesting photographs though! The one below shows Loch Greshornish with Upper Edinbane in the background.

30 seconds later this was the view from my viewfinder.  Frost covered grassland with a grey, watery looking sky and the new Edinbane wind farm in the distance.


Slightly further north in Kildonan, the lifeless sky had given way to a mass of blue and some interesting cloud formations over Loch Greshornish.  It was still incredibly cold though - with temperatures hovering at around -4 degrees!!

Yes, after being out working for the morning it was nice to see the familiar view of our 'home' - Roskhill - grow ever closer....

... and even better to have 'smiley faces' and a cuppa waiting for me when I walked in through the door.   Shame that Basil seems to be minus his right ear though....!!     Oh, happy days....