Friday 28 June 2013

Allotment News - All Growing Well !!

The long daylight hours in the 'Far North' at this time of year certainly encourage rapid growth of everything with roots. Thankfully, it is not just the grass and weeds that are putting on a spurt - the plants that I actually WANT to grow are also doing especially well. Contrast the picture below (taken this evening) with the one I posted on 18th May (copied again here).
This evening
18th May
The REALLY good news is that the brassicas are doing fine. They came on well in their individual pots, and I planted them out just two weeks ago today, giving them a dowsing with the 'Grow Your Own' nemetodes that I was hoping would combat the cabbage root fly. It would seem that the little nemetode bugs have done their job well, and munched their way through any fly eggs that have been laid - just about every plant looks healthy so far, and I have a second dose to give them in a day or two, to top up the protection.

Now I just need to keep on top of the weeding....

Sunday 23 June 2013

Away from Skye

I've been away from Skye for nine days, and will be setting off to travel back home tomorrow. It feels like it's been a long absence, and I will be pleased to be back, even if my most pressing job will be to get all the lawns mown again!

I've had a very varied trip. When I travel south, I always drive, and take two days over the long journey. For interest and variety, I try to make my overnight break in a different place each time. This time, I stopped in the quiet little town of Annan which is near Dumfries, close to the England/Scotland border.
Annan town centre
River Annan near Brydekirk
I then travelled on to South Wales, where I stayed a couple of days in a nicely located holiday cottage near Pembrey with long-time friends Sara and Rod.
Here's the cottage...
... and here's a bit of Pembrey Sands where we enjoyed a windy walk - it was a lot more interesting than the picture suggests!
From Wales, I headed on down to Torquay in Devon, to the home of another long-time friend, Val. On one sunny and warm day, she suggested we went up onto Dartmoor for a picnic, which was pleasant, and while there I took the opportunity to have a short walk to one of the moor's many tors.
Picnic time
Approach to Sharp Tor
View from the top
My sister and family also live in Devon, so I spent a couple of days with them, and another walk on Dartmoor was undertaken, though in rather less clement weather...
Ascending Cosdon Hill
Sister Sue, John and Jeremy at the summit - a trifle damp...
Tomorrow, I pack up my bags and trundle my little van back northwards. I will be breaking my journey at a B&B in the Scottish coastal town of Ayr - more photos may follow - and I plan to be back with my Sue and Cupar at The Barn late on Tuesday afternoon.

Sunday 9 June 2013

The Magnificent Six

The lure of the open roads attracts all manner of motorists, and where better to drive a classic than on the open roads and amid the spectacular scenery of the Highlands? It is not too unusual to see classic cars on Skye during the summer, though to see classic cars that have come here all the way from California, USA, is a bit more unusual.

 This is the car park in Somerled Square, Portree, the other day. Lined up are six very lovely Austin Healeys. The cars were all built in the UK between 1959 and 1967, but some 90% of production was exported, mostly to the USA. It looked like the cars had been parked in the square all night, and their owners were no-where to be seen, but the cars were receiving plenty of admiring looks. I'll just pop on my anorak, and tell you that the models are (from left to right) a 3000 MkII, 3000 MkIII, 100-6, 3000 MkIII, 3000 MkII and 3000MkI. The one I most wanted to bring home was the black Mk III. Beautiful!