Tuesday 21 September 2021

Seasons on Skye

Having been born-and-bred in the softy south of England, I became very used to the year having four distinct seasons, each lasting around three months, with the summer being warm and dry, winter being colder and wetter, spring being bright and showery, and autumn being breezy and golden.

It's not like that here.

We pretty much only have one season on Skye, which is a continual confusion of all of the above. Winter starts around mid-August, and goes on for an awful long time. When my southern-trained body-clock is telling me that it should be spring, I find myself peering at tightly closed leaf buds on the trees and shrubs in the hope of spotting the first sign of a green shoot. When the calendar says it is July - true, the daylight hours are very long indeed, but the sun may still be a rare sight, and the wind can blast the drizzle into your face should you venture outside. 

Somehow though, our flora and fauna seem to cope with the season-less year. My recent wild-flower photo-posts illustrate the ability of the plant-life here to flourish when and where it gets the chance. I manage to successfully nurture vegetables in the allotment. From April for a few months, there seem to be plenty of fledgling birds about the place, and we occasionally glimpse a mouse, vole, weasel or stoat, so they survive here, too. But sadly - never a hedgehog.

And.... the sky can be blue sometimes..!! At any time of year, too. In can happen suddenly. The wind drops, the rain stops, and the steel-grey clouds magically vanish to reveal the freshly-washed glistening blue heavens, which instantly paint the sea an even more unlikely blue. At these times, we cherish every moment and sigh at the beauty of the vista before us.

I can live without seasons.





... and sometimes !

Wednesday 1 September 2021

More Garden News

Progress on the new shed/greenhouse/studio has been brisk. The guys doing the build have now done as much as they can before the French windows arrive. The windows should be here quite soon, and once installed, the electrician can do his bit, and the inside can then be insulated and lined. The unfinished wall is where the lean-to greenhouse will be going. The plan is to leave the cladding until after the greenhouse has been fitted, to get a nice neat end result. Unfortunately, the greenhouse is not likely to be here before mid-November.

As for the allotment - the veg that I have harvested so far have been absolutely first class, but there are so many carrots we will be going orange and growing frizzy green hair if we eat them all... 

Cupar thinks it is his new kennel...
I tidied-away all the off-cuts just after taking the photos

A wider view.
We will have to make a path across the lawn,
and possibly edge the path with bedding plants in summer
(which we will grow ourselves in the greenhouse..)!

Freshly picked...

...and half an hour later...