Monday 16 August 2010

Sue up a hill

Mostly, I do my walking on my own, but with the weather being perfect yesterday, we both got our boots on. Here, we are on a hill called Druim nan Sgarbh, just west of Glendale. That's the 296 metre Waterstein Head beyond. (Basil is sadly too old for walkies like this, so he remained contentedly snoozing in the van).

Sunday 15 August 2010


Bambi: "Mum, Mum! There's something watching us!"

Mum: (deep in the bushes) munch, munch, yum, yum.

Bambi: "Mum, it's pointing a black thing at us!"

Mum: (STILL deep in the bushes) munch, munch, yum, yum, munch, munch.

While this exchange was going on, I had time to zoom in and take another shot -  

Bambi eventually took flight, and Mum scrambled out of the bush to follow!

Sunday 8 August 2010

Cliff top walk, anyone?

The coastline of the Duirinish Peninsula is possibly my favourite part of Skye. Access by road is very limited, so it's on with the boots, and fingers crossed that the weather stays fair. There's never any people there, just me, deer and the occasional sheep or eagle. And the scenery is just... well.... take a look! (Remember, you can click any picture in the blog to view it full size).

Saturday 7 August 2010


We won't be buying potatoes or carrots for a while - the allotment is in production! The small carrots here are just thinnings - the big chap on the left is a 'full size' example. The potatoes are lovely, with each plant producing about six or seven good-size spuds. I haven't pulled-up a swede yet, I think they have some more growing to do. Same applies to the beetroot and the onions. The pea plants are huge with literally hundreds of pods plumping up nicely. Likewise the broad beans. The cauliflower and broccoli struggled with the wind, and don't look to be liking the soil much either. I don't think there'll be a crop from them.