Saturday 20 June 2009

Pattern of Life

The summer visitor season is well underway, and Sue and I have settled into our Saturday routine of 'turn arounds', when we both travel to our slightly scattered properties to change beds, vacuum and polish.

This year, I am looking after Rowan Cottage at Broadford, because I also tend the garden of the cottage next door on behalf of the absentee landlord. On a Saturday, I can often get the lawns cut at both Rowan and 'number 4' (next door) as well as the 'turn around' at Rowan.

Rowan Cottage

Sue looks after Aird View near Portree, and then we both return to Roskhill to service the apartment at the Barn, which we share.

Aird View

Hopefully - our weekdays are not disturbed by our tenants - though it is handy to be living here when little things go wrong - like the toilet seat which fell apart at the Barn last week, or the lighting fuse which blew at Rowan...!

Monday 8 June 2009

Sue in Kent again

Sue has set off from sunny Skye to rainy Kent this afternoon for her regular visit to her Mum and to catch up with friends. I have been left with a looong list of jobs to do... :o( ...but the weather is great, so I'll keep smiling! :o)

It will be my turn to travel south at the end of July, to Jan's wedding, where I will catch up with a few people I haven't seen since leaving Kent. I will then go on to my sisters and to Val's in Devon via friends in Southampton. More of all that anon.