Sunday 18 December 2011

Skye in winter

After a wet and windy but mild autumn, we are now enjoying a very calm spell, but it's a whole lot colder. Skye is well known for having three or four different kinds of weather in one day, and sometimes all at once... today, with the thermometer in the car saying it was minus 2C and the sun shining brightly - it was raining...!!

I drove Sue over to Glendale this morning - she had to visit one of her care clients, and wasn't keen on risking her new car on the very icy roads. While Sue was working, I took the chance to grab a couple of photos... These are both taken from the same spot. There was so much going on, with the sunlight and shadows over the glen and the mist swirling round MacLeod's tables, so I've cropped and tweaked them differently, and can't decide which one I prefer - so I'm posting both! As with all pictures in this blog - click on the picture to view it full size.

Saturday 17 December 2011

Ready for Christmas?

Sue has been busy writing cards and wrapping presents for a couple of weeks now. Two days ago she spent much of the day baking, and so yesterday, the table was loaded down with home made breads, cakes and biscuits for our annual 'at home' afternoon, at which we welcome friends and neighbours to pop in for a glass or two of mulled wine.

On Monday, Sue sets off south by train to be with her family. I will follow in the van a few days later - I will spend Christmas with Sue's family in London, but then on Boxing Day, I will travel to Devon to see my sister and family, and will then stay a while at Val's in Torquay. Cupar gets to come with me - I hope he copes OK with all the travelling and changes to routines!

Regarding travelling, the weather isn't making things too easy for some parts of the UK, though we are not having too hard-a time here on Skye. I even got out to take a few photos the other day - so here is December sun shine on Loch Ainort -

And this is Glamaig. I wonder if anyone in that plane was looking down at Skye?

Sunday 4 December 2011


Sue takes HUNDREDS of wonderful photos, VERY few of which ever get seen by anyone outside our own home. We have finally committed ourselves to getting a couple of dozen of Sue's pictures printed, and we plan to put them up on the walls in our cottages.

One of us might post a few examples of her best shots here shortly, but meanwhile, in seaching through Sue's photo archive for cottage-suitable pics, I have come across many pics Sue has taken of our wonderful Cupar... here's just three of my favourites...