Friday, 9 July 2010


I guess we had to pay for that couple of months of warm, dry weather in the early summer....

Today, the south of England endures a heatwave, and the north west of England has introduced a hose pipe ban. Here, we have just had three days of heavy rain and strong winds... errr... of course, I really mean 'Skye drizzle and breezes'.

But it's not all bad - this afternoon, the 'Skye Switch' has been pressed, and I can see blue sky and fluffy white clouds again. It's challenging weather for the visitors - What to wear? Where to go? - All part of the Skye holiday experience!!

But the veggies in the allotment are enjoying the rain, even if the peas and cauliflowers look a bit wind-blown. We are currently harvesting what seems like several tons of strawberries. Who-ever thought they would not do well on Skye was wrong. Many have been distributed to friends and neighbours, and some are destined to spend some time in a large jam saucepan. I'm off out now to see if I can find enough carrots among the thinnings for tonight's dinner.


Unknown said...

Further to the south (and east) they've been enjoying a typical Scottish summer, eh? We've been entertained not so much by the golf at St. Andrews but watching the weather unfold on TV. (I'm not much of a golf fan but I enjoy the glimpses of scenery!)

Anonymous said...

Whats the weather like on Skye at the moment Richard?


Richard Dorrell said...

Most of the UK seems to be 'enjoying' a Scottish summer just now - with the exception of the south east England I believe, which remains mostly very dry and warm. We were actually pleased to move here and get away from the heat and regular summer droughts in Kent.

It's Skye Drizzle here again this morning - that's the fine horizontal stuff that finds its way through your waterproofs and has you soaked after about 30 seconds exposure. It's a real shame for the holidaymakers - they possibly only have a week here, and it's not much fun if it's wet most of the time.