Friday, 12 January 2018

Becoming a 'Local'

On occasions - we are asked; ‘How long do you have to live on Skye before you are no longer an incomer?’ My answer is that we will always be incomers – only those born here have the right to consider themselves to have the true title as ‘local’.

But does the title of ‘Local’ necessarily require a birthright? Hmmm… Yes, I think it does. We have lived here ten years or so now, which is longer than most of those who live nearby to us in Roskhill, and we are getting to know the island pretty well too. But I don’t think that makes us ‘Locals’ – just kind-of ‘Established Incomers’.

There is, of course, another rather major issue… we are English.

There is NO WAY that any proud Scot would ever accept us as Scottish, and I have to say, I totally respect that view, and would never consider myself to be Scottish either. I just happen to have chosen to live in Scotland – and that's a pretty good choice I reckon, though let’s not mention the politics….

OK – so how else do you become a ‘Local’? Here’s a bullet list of my suggestions…

·         Get to know other ‘locals’ (and incomers)!
·         Moan about potholes
·         Join a craft society/yoga class/choir/other niche group
·         Moan about the Co-op
·         Wear thick jumpers and waterproof trousers… all the time
·         Exhibit your best sheep/hen/veg at the village show (this one takes a lot of courage)
·         Know precisely where all the touristy spots are, so you can give directions to a lost visitor without hesitation
·         Moan about foreign visitors - especially those who can’t cope with single-track roads
·         Grow your own neeps and tatties

And lastly…

·        Resist posting even more photographs of fabulous sunsets and sunrises in blogs and on on facebook… oops, couldn’t resist…

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