Monday, 28 January 2019

Petrol !

Ok, in a couple of years from now the entire world will be creeping about from power point to power point trying to recharge their electric car batteries using electricity most of which is generated by coal, gas or nuclear fusion. Hmmm...

In the meantime, Sue and I have gone half-way to being responsible citizens, and Sue now drives a petrol car. (My daily-drive is diesel - almost all 4x4s are diesel, and owning a 4x4 makes a lot of sense living where we do...)

Now, as it happens - this winter, the busiest petrol station on Skye is being totally rebuilt. It closed in November, and won't open again until March-ish. All the other (very few) Skye petrol stations are privately owned, so they make up their own prices for the fuel they supply - no doubt based on supply and demand. As demand on the little Dunvegan garage has significantly increased, so have their prices... But better than that - last week - THEY RAN OUT OF PETROL...!!!

So, the other evening, I had no choice but to drive Sue's little car 24 miles each way into Portree (our next-nearest petrol station) in order to pay an inflated price to fill her car up so she could do her care round for the next couple of days.

You lot in the softy south don't know you're born...😉

Skye's busiest petrol station...
Not so busy just now...

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