Sunday, 1 March 2020

Spring ???

It can't be... 1st March, and I have spent the morning on the allotment! To my surprise, the soil was light and easy to turn, so I have dug over a bed-and-a-bit, which is about all my back can cope with for today. It is really lovely out there - there was just a trace of frost when I got started at about 9.30, and a couple of robins were trying to out-do each other in a contest of who could sing the loudest.

This is not the first gardening I have done this year though. Now that we have a few self-catering visitors booked to stay at The Old Bakery - our little cottage in Strathpeffer - we thought we should make a bit of an effort with the small and steeply-sloping patch of garden there. So far, I have cleared the weed growth from about a third of the plot, moved several badly-sited shrubs (which may or many not survive the move), removed a very straggly pampas grass and two ginormous gunnera plants. I have then installed a rather precipitous flight of steps up to a new, small paved patio area where we intend to site a bench and table. The plan is to create a nice spot for a morning coffee or maybe an evening glass of wine. Unfortunately, I have thus far failed to take a decent photograph of the area. I'll have another go next time I am there.

The Barn allotment -
not at its tidiest yet, but it is good to get the chance to make a start!


witomski said...

Hi Richard.....I love reading your Blog. Although I rarely respond, I do find your writing quite insightful and entertaining. I do hope to get to Skye one day :)

Richard Dorrell said...

Hi witomski, Thank you for your comment. I am delighted to hear that you enjoy my blog. I do hope you may get to visit Skye one day.
Kindest regards, Richard.

skyenatureblog said...

Hi Richard,
Really enjoy reading your blog. Always great to hear about your life in Roskhill. Allotment is looking fab. Speak soon your friendly neighbour Sue

Richard Dorrell said...

Thanks Sue!