Monday, 22 March 2021


Richard celebrated a very BIG birthday recently - so some celebrations were in order.
Owing to his BMW requiring some essential maintenance in Inverness 
and some jobs needing to be done at our holiday cottage in Strathpeffer
we popped over to 'The Old Bakery' just before the Big Day.
Whilst there we took advantage of the amazing weather and had a few 'walkies' !

Above Richard and Cupar taking a breather en route to Knockfarrell near Strathpeffer.
The photo below is taken from the top - with those amazing far reaching views!!

Other 'walkies' included a stroll along a deserted beach in Ardersier 
and ambling through woodland around Black Rock Gorge....

Above a solitary sailor out at sea on another glorious day.... we were SO lucky with the weather!

The woodland at Black Rock Gorge showing the torrent below!
This place was amazingly beautiful - like being in a wildlife 'cathedral'
with intermittant birdsong and Mother Nature wearing her Spring gowns 
- pierced by rays of sunshine through the tall magnificent trees 
at regular intervals... At times it was quite breathtaking.....

Richard 'taking a moment' by the river.

Sunlight dapples the forest - intensifying the colours plus the variety of plantlife 
and trees.

Richard and Cupar pause for a moment taking in the 
experience of this 'floodlit' landscape.
We could not have wished for a better day.....
for Richard's 'Three Score and Ten' .

A super shot above of my 'lovely family'.....!

Finally, a friendly neighbour at Strathpeffer had previously offered Richard 
the ends and wood for the bench shown above.  
The opportunity was gladly received by both of us as we had fully intended 
putting seating up on the paved area of The Old Bakery's wee garden anyway.   
It didn't take long for Richard to put it together and then for both of us to be sitting up there 
enjoying a well earned break with a coffee afterwards!   



Richard Dorrell said...

Thank you Sue! No worries - I'm planning for plenty more birthdays to come.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely memento of Richard's big birthday. It all looks wonderful and they do say that the sun shines on the righteous! I'll look forward to seeing the photos of his 80th birthday ... but don't rush the years by too quickly.