Monday, 12 April 2021

So Quiet!

It is a very beautiful frozen world here this morning. We are still getting occasional snow flurries, and last night's low temperature left a very thick, furry frost on everything. There's not a breath of wind, and the bright sky is almost completely clear. It is so quiet! I love Skye like this.

But our peace is soon to be shattered. I can almost hear the engines warming-up. The world is buzzing with people who are longing to get away from the lock-down locations they have been enduring for months. And where better to come than the stunning Scottish Highlands, where fresh clean air is all the air we breathe, and the virus seems such a long way away?

Skye is a very special place. The hills, sea, cliffs, mountains and lochs, the light, the dark, the rain, the sun and the silence. Everything combines in a wonderful kaleidoscope of nature that so strongly appeals to the human soul - it is no wonder that people want to come here to experience Skye for themselves.

At first, virus rules dictate that only visitors from other parts of Scotland will be welcomed here. But soon after, travellers from all of the UK will be arriving in their cars and camper vans. There is no question that all the tourism-related businesses will be pleased to get back to earning a living. But I do so hope that the rapid influx of thousands of visitors will not mean the virus will be flooding back with them.

And I'll miss the quiet.

(Photos by Sue)

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Richard Dorrell said...

Sara has said...

'Your blog really highlights the difference between your life on Skye and our life down south at the present time. You walk out of the door into beautiful, quiet scenery and fresh air. We walk out of the door into the humdrum of normal, everyday life. Cars queue to get their occupants to the recently opened shops and spew out their exhaust fumes for pedestrians to breathe in. Of course, there are trade-offs. If we want anything it is on our doorstep whereas you might have to drive a few hours to obtain it. Our weather is different and our feet are not blown off the ground quite as much as they might be on Skye! One thing I have learnt over the years is that everywhere has its pros and cons and places change with time. Skye sounds delightful to me right now as everywhere comes alive again after months of lockdown.'