Sunday 5 June 2022


My apologies for the long silence on this blog.
However, I am now returning and intend to do so for the future as I just know Richard 
would be delighted to know of it's continuation....

Life has been hectic for the past few weeks.
According to his wishes Richard was cremated earlier this month and 
instead of one of the more traditional Services I organised 
that family and close friends got together up at Summer Cottage last Tuesday 31st May.
Images of Richard throughout the years here on Skye and photographs 
from his very early years until more recently were dotted about the cottage 
whilst his favourite music - including his beloved 'Dire Straits' - were 
audible in the background throughout.
It was wonderful!  I related many of my own memories of our 26 years
together and gradually many others were also shared whilst we sat 
enjoying the warmth of the atmosphere plus the tea and home baking!
He would have loved it - and somehow I do feel that he did!

Afterwards his ashes were taken down to Roskhill Barn where 
some were sprinkled underneath the wee oak tree that he planted 
on our allotment ten years ago.  This was also his desired wish.............
whilst the remainder will be poured into the River Roskhill from where 
they will drift into the sea around this beautiful island that he loved so much.

Above Richard and dearest Basil relaxing in our lounge back in 2010
following a long afternoon walk in Dunvegan Woods!
The other two above were also taken that same year - the top one
in our garden and the other whilst on a walk over near Neist Point 
on a fabulous summer's day!! 

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