Sunday, 7 November 2010

One of the reasons new posts on here have been a bit thin on the ground just recently, is that I am busy with  launching a new online business directory for the Isle of Skye. It is at .

It all started when I spotted that the excellent  domain name '' was available to purchase, so I bought it, and then thought... what shall I do with this?!! (This was over a year ago....) I then thought that I could use the name for a business directory, listing every business with any slight link with tourism on Skye - not just the obvious B&Bs restaurants and visitor attractions, but also every cafe, pub and shop, every self catering cottage, every mountain or tour guide.... and then every business which depends on the tourist industry for its livelihood. Again, there's the obvious wholesalers, food producers and fishermen, but there's also the taxi companies, petrol stations, plumbers, electricians, estate agents..... Basically, it's EVERY business on Skye.

So, what started as last year's winter project, has stretched into being this winter's project as well. I now have quite a few businesses listed, but it will take a lot more work to find and list them all!

Possibly the best feature of is that it has its very own interactive forum called NewSkyes. The forum is not my creation - it was originally developed by a young Skye resident called Bede. He tried to launch the NewSkyes online a while ago as a stand-alone website. I thought it was a great idea, but not enough people saw it and signed up, so it folded. So now, Bede and I are working together to relaunch NewSkyes as part of

NewSkyes is completely free to use, and is open to the world. It has a Skye focus, but I imagine anyone reading this blog would also have that same focus... It is difficult to get people to sign up and use NewSkyes. It would help us a lot if any readers of this blog would sign up, join the NewSkyes community, and make a few posts

You will find a link to NewSkyes on every page of

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