Thursday, 20 May 2021

Bunnies And Beans

 I don't doubt that every gardener feels that they are the most victimised person on the planet when it comes to crop failures. There is no question that seeing a young plant begin to grow and flourish, only to meet an untimely demise in the jaws of a caterpillar is quite dis-spiriting. I don't suppose plant husbandry is really any more demanding on Skye than it might be anywhere else. At least we don't usually have to worry about droughts... But I am currently doing battle with a certain Mr Bobtail, and thus far, he is ahead...

Mind you - I could be wrong in my accusation of blame, as I have not actually set eyes on said bunny. The perpetrator of the crime could maybe be a rat or even a mouse. The fact remains, that 'someone' chewed off almost every sprouting broad bean shoot, then carefully excavated the soil to remove the seed itself and devour it. Just five were left untouched. Today, I am down to four.

Not prepared to give up without a bit of a fight, I have procured a further packet of seed, now planted, and spent an afternoon making a couple of frames to which I have attached chicken wire, and I have now covered the growing area in the slightly forlorn hope that the structures will deter any further bean-pilfering when the second-planting emerges from the soil. I know - bunnies are good at digging, and will likely just creep under my barriers, but at least I have tried.

I'll let you know how things have progressed in a week or two.

The Bean-Eating-Bunny-Beater

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