Friday, 28 May 2021

The Bean-Burglar Mystery

 Well, I don't think it's Mr Bobtail.

Following-on from my last post, I have been watching the bean-bed in the allotment. The chicken-wire frames I made to deter an attack from bunnies have not moved or been dug-under at all, and yet three more of my surviving four young bean plants from the first sowing have now succumbed to the thief. As before - the juicy green growing tips are chewed-off and left on the soil, while the actual seed is dug-out from beneath and devoured. I have a strong suspicion that some of the second-sowing have also been removed, as there are random holes appearing, and no new growth is visible above ground yet.

So who is the perpetrator? We are seeking someone small enough to get through the chicken wire, who can dig, doesn't eat green veg, but loves to gorge on germinating bean seeds.

I'm now thinking field vole - we get a lot of them here. Though they've always been around, and this is the first time I've lost any broad beans in this way.

I'll put up a sign - 'No bean-eating' - but I'm not sure it'll work, as I don't think voles can read. 

It doesn't look like we'll be eating home-grown broad beans this year...

The sole surviving plant is at the bottom. 
Two chewed-off tops wither on the soil. 


Andrea said...

What you need is an Apeman Wild Life Camera strategically placed ..... We have one in our garden and its amazing what goes on when you are not around to see .... fascinating !

It wont solve your problem but at least you will know what it is !!

Richard Dorrell said...

Hi A,

Must admit, I hadn't thought of a camera. Mind you - having already spent £6 on seed and £10 on chicken wire, if I spend further ££££s on a web cam, these would be the most expensive beans ever grown... I think I'll just pop to Lidls...!!!