Monday, 14 June 2021

A New Project Underway

Old age creeps on. We are very gradually reducing the holiday cottage business, as property and garden maintenance, to say nothing of all the turn-rounds, becomes slightly more of a challenge. However, I can't stop mowing lawns and polishing shower screens and then have nothing at all to do... 

So... the picture below shows the beginnings of our latest project, which is to build a garden room and greenhouse on the back lawn here at The Barn. The BIG plan is that garden room will be fully insulated and heated, and will in due course be fitted out as a pottery studio. I will then get back into that area of creativity that I haven't touched since 1995, when I last taught Art and Pottery. (Oh my - was it really that long ago...!!!)

The greenhouse will be a lean-to onto the garden room, with french doors between the two, so it will have a conservatory feel to it. The plan here will be to grow our own bedding plants, plus to have some semi-permanent plants in the greenhouse, to make it a pleasant place to sit when warm enough.

It could be pots and plants for Christmas presents from now on...

Breaking ground

My sketch plan
It'll be french doors on the front,
as I realised I would need a wide opening for access 


Anonymous said...

I will follow the development with interest and will look forward to seeing the pottery pieces you produce. It reminds me of the song "I'm so excited" sung by the Pointer Sisters!

witomski said...

How exciting! Cannot wait to see your pottery pieces. Potted Christmas plants for gifts… wonderfully personal and loving.

Richard Dorrell said...

It could be a while before I am willing to share any of my new potting efforts with the world... I am hoping I haven't forgotten most of what I used to know!