Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Does it Snow on Skye?

Quick answer - yes.

Slightly longer answer - snow at low levels during winter is not that common - maybe one year in three we see 1cm or so at sea level, and it doesn't stay more than a few days. About one year in ten we get a bit more snow, and it can last a bit longer. But there is no 'normal'.

Here's a couple of photos of today's snow at Roskhill...

View from my study window...
View from upstairs window
Just along the road...brrr..
On the hills, snow appears every winter. The Cuillin and Trotternish Ridge can be white, or white-topped for long periods between November to March. The hills then become VERY scenic, but there will still be times in winter when there is no snow there at all.

Here's just a few scenic Skye snowy photos from our archive...

The Cuillin over Loch Caroy from Harlosh

The old bridge at Sligachan -
This is the only time I have ever seen the river completely frozen over.
Christmas Eve, December 2010
One of Sue's pictures - I have to admit, I don't recognise where this was taken!
Loch Fada, December 2010

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