Saturday, 17 February 2018

The End Of An Era

Sue and I bought Rowan Cottage way back in 2005, some two years before I retired from teaching and we reinvented ourselves and found a new life on Skye. Rowan was the first property we bought on the island, and our first venture into holiday-letting. We soon added Aird View as our second rental property, and somehow managed to let them both while we still lived and worked in Kent. Without a doubt - we were greatly aided by Andrea and Ian. They lived on Skye and ran a small B&B.  We met them when we first came to visit Skye, and Andrea took on the task of our weekly turn-rounds while Ian did occasional 'rescue trips' when some minor disaster had happened in a cottage while a visitor was staying.

A little bit of Aird View, and a little bit of its view...!
We sold Aird View in 2013, when we bought Summer Cottage - which stands much closer to our home at Roskhill. But we have kept going with Rowan over the years in spite of the 60+ mile return trip to visit the cottage for turn-rounds and maintenance.

But now, we have agreed that it is time to slow down a little, and reduce our workload - so Rowan Cottage is for sale. It has been on the market since last autumn, and has attracted a scattering of viewings. Now, it seems we may have a buyer. We have accepted a 'verbal offer' from a young couple, and are awaiting the arrival of their formal offer, which will then begin the achingly slow legal process of selling a property.

And what will we do next...??? More news to follow...!

Rowan Cottage 

Rowan's fabulous view

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