Friday, 2 February 2018

My Little Weakness...

OK - well, maybe just one of my little weaknesses...

Since a small boy, I have been rather a lot of a car-nut. The living room floor was a constant foot-trap, with my Dinky toys lined up along the edges of the carpet. As a teenager, I became an avid reader of Autocar magazine, and occasionally The Motor. At age 16, I bought my first car, and passed my driving test in it, just 12 weeks after my 17th birthday.

Some 50 years later, a significant number of motor vehicles (and a couple of bikes) have passed through my hands - saloons, estates, 2-seaters, convertibles, hatchbacks and vans - some bought new, some pretty old.

Today, we have three cars in our household. Sue has a very pretty Peugeot 208 GT-Line, which we bought new/pre-registered a few months ago. It's a cracking little car to drive, though I don't get behind the wheel very often.

My 'everyday' drive is my 2011 Land Rover Freelander2, also bought a few months ago, and providing me with a very much nicer driving environment than I have lived with for the last twelve years, when I have driven a van as my everyday transport. I have to add here that the Freelie proved itself to be an astonishingly capable vehicle in the snowy-icy weather we have had recently.

My 'toy' is Puss - my fabulous 2007 Jaguar XK Coupe. What a car! Supremely smooth, cossetingly comfortable, but with the potential to be furiously fast!

Here are the fleet - all photographed today...

Sue's very shiny Pug at Roskhill

Puss and her Freelie Friend at Summer Cott.
(Note the pretty sky...)!

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