Tuesday, 24 July 2018

A New Cottage

With the sale of Rowan Cottage done and dusted, we were keen to re-invest our capital in another property. The original plan was to buy a modern house in Inverness that we would long-let through a letting agency. Much thinking, and a couple of trips to Inverness later, and the plan changed at least a couple of times, with the end result being that we have spent a bit more than half our available capital on an older property that we will keep as a holiday home for us, and possibly occasionally holiday-let as well... and here it is:

The Old Bakery, Strathpeffer
The house is called The Old Bakery - a clue to its past perhaps...? It stands pretty much in the centre of the large and attractive village of Strathpeffer. Local shops are just 'round the corner', and Strathpeffer is about 5 miles from the town of Dingwall, with Inverness an 18-mile, half-hour drive away.

It is a slightly quirky little house. On the ground floor is a hallway, bathroom and two bedrooms, while on the first floor is the kitchen and L-shaped lounge/diner. Because of the sloping site, a back door opens from the garden area directly into the kitchen. We are really excited with our purchase. The house dates from about 1900, but needs little doing to it. As sods law would have it, we gave away much of our spare furniture to the first-time buyer who bought Rowan Cottage, so we now have the task of sourcing suitable furnishings for The Old Bakery. We should be getting the keys at the end of August, so more updates will follow here in due course. Below, I'll add a couple of wider views to show the house in context.

At some future date, we still hope to buy a small flat in Inverness which we will long-let.

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