Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Sparkling Skye

Most of the UK is basking in glorious summer sunshine at the moment - and for once, so are we, here on Skye! The island is just stunning right now. The vegetation has benefited from the warm, dry weather and gale-free spring, and the tall grasses and wild flowers are better than ever. The sea is impossibly blue, while the hills and moors are as green as they ever get.

Thankfully, we are not roasting in the 30C+ temperatures being experienced in some parts. Our northerly latitude, and a gentle breeze off the Atlantic keeps things sensible here, but we are becoming accustomed to going out without a waterproof jacket, and seldom need a fleece either...!!!

I've taken a few photos around our garden and allotment today, and also took Puss out for a stretch of her wheels...

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