Friday, 20 July 2018


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Gracious me - now here's a change - it's Sue here for 
the first time in nearly a year!

I wanted to document a sponsored walk done for Cancer Research
on Saturday 7th July 2018.
In the main I did it on my own but one of my neighbours, Sue,
very kindly came along and joined me for 6 miles for moral support!

The weather was absolutely ideal, not too hot and for most of
the day there was some sunshine and a light breeze.
Starting at 0600 hours there was simply nobody about and
some fabulous views as I headed off towards Dunvegan!

Both these views look towards Roag, the Tables and the sea!

At 0900 hours Sue and I then set off from Roskhill Barn
and did the 'Harlosh Loop' together. 
This is one of the views on the way round.  Look at that blue sky!!!!

Towards the end of the loop the Tables loomed into view again!
The wild flowers were also resplendent in the sunshine....

Leaving Sue back at Roskhill I then headed off towards
Orbost and then on towards Glendale
before then turning off en-route to Dunvegan and
stopping for lunch on a bench overlooking the Loch!

This was taken shortly after turning right at the the Orbost T-junction
and looks back towards the coast through the trees.
(See if you can spot the Yurt!)
Below is the tree lined lane with sun dappled trees and vegetation!

This is the view I had over Loch Dunvegan whilst having lunch!
A tad cloudy at that time though....

Then it was down into the village and up through
Dunvegan Woods and over moorland to the main road.

Below is the view along the track as it opens out into open countryside.

.... and here looking back
across the moorland towards Dunvegan Woods

The last stretch took me along the main road and then
across the single track section in the direction of Roskhill again.
My 26 miles had been done in just over 10 hours!
What a remarkable day and with no ill effects either .....
apart from the odd blister !!!! :)

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