Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Garden News

Following a period of dull, drizzly weather, we started this week with glorious sunshine, and things 
have suddenly moved on in the Roskhill garden.

Maybe the biggest news is that the build of the 'garden room' that is destined to become our art studio/pottery/greenhouse is now well underway - pictures below.

I have also been spurred-on to give some attention to the allotment and have begun to harvest some of the produce that has grown this year. Pretty much everything has done superbly well again, with the brussels sprout plants as big as any I have ever seen. The sprouts won't be ready to pick for a while yet though.

The concrete base had been laid a few weeks ago.
By mid-morning of day one of the build, the first wall was in place.

By the end of day one, we had four walls

It's a very substantial building!

At the end of day 2.
I am standing in what will be the lean-to greenhouse. 
Unfortunately, it will be a few more weeks before that gets delivered.

On the allotment - I have harvested one of four rows of potatoes 
- I grew three different varieties this year.
Beyond - the cleared bed is where the onions grew, with bushy carrots at the end.
Runner beans and broad beans to the right,
kale and brussels sprouts almost out of sight below the fuchsia windbreak hedge.

The harvested onions dry in the sun on a step ladder!

No caption needed!


Anonymous said...

Roskhill Barn at its best. A very happy looking Richard with his half built 'garden room', an allotment that is abundant with produce .... and the sky is blue. It looks idyllic!

Richard Dorrell said...

Thanks Sara (aka 'anonymous'). We try to remember days like these when horizontal rain is battering against the windows...