Saturday, 7 August 2021

More Flowers

As my last couple of posts here will testify, I have been paying closer attention to the local wild flowers this year than previously. And what a wonderful variety of size and shape they come in!

Now, a few weeks on from my last post, most of the smaller flowers are gone, to be replaced by taller and larger plants, some of them so vigorous that they form drifts of colour on the roadsides and meadows. Most have grown over a metre in height in the last couple of months.

Very common  locally is the rich creamy Meadowsweet, which on a calm day fills the air with its heady scent. White umbrellas of tall Hogweed are also everywhere, as are the stunningly beautiful thistle-like Knapweed, while bright yellow Ragwort is all about too. Not so common just at Roskhill, but flowering in profusion outside Loch View Cottage, and indeed, all over the Highlands, is the brilliant pinky-purple Rosebay willowherb.

There's also a couple of other plants in flower now that I don't know the names of - so help needed again, please!

The wild floral display at our Lochview Cottage

Knapweed, Hogweed, Ragwort and ferns

The lovely Knapweed flower




Help needed to name this one please...

... and help to name this lovely little chap, too.


Anonymous said...

I think your last two unidentified plants might be Hedge Woundwort and Eyebright respectively. The flowers look gorgeous close up. Isn't nature pretty?

Richard Dorrell said...

Spot-on Sara. Many thanks for your detective work!